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The voting system is for free for all, so we don’t need money or donations of any kind, we only ask non-party participation, openly making known peoples’s opinions

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do yo want united kingdom out of European Union?
2016-04-19 20:41:16 +00:00

Transparency is NOT intended as “GUARANTOR NAME” or her Curriculum Vitae, etc … but the TRACKING ‘each VOTE PALESE, in real time, without intermediaries or bureaucratic procedures.

Transparency and ‘GENERATED by the NETWORK and the SOFTWARE that automatically makes it available in real time VOTING users without any filters and censorship.

Transparency and ‘in your hands, you can check at any time your vote and the vote of the electorate that has’ expressed, uncensored, unfiltered, without intermediaries or bureaucracy.

We NOT boast and NOT wish stamps or partisan / political certifications.


The personal data, including sensitive, conferred by the user at the time of its adherence to the meetup Direct Democracy Palese as well as those which may be collected later, will be used exclusively for purposes related to the user identification and his participation in the consultation processes promoted by meetup Direct Democracy Palese as well as for sending information material on its activities, in accordance with Decree no. 196/2003.

These same data may be subject to verification of authenticity. They will use the personal data [e-mail and social security number] that you provide us to sign the Roll VOTERS platform DIGITAL, but also to Certify uniqueness’ BALLOT and prevent double voting expressions, or any form of the voting proxy . Your “USER ID” WILL BE ‘MADE FROM THE FIRST NINE DIGITS OF YOUR TAX CODE.

The e-mail and the USER ID will be associated with the voting expressions that you express through the platform and / or activities’ which shall put in place. To give you the maximum guarantee of this will retain the personal information name, surname, address and phone number associated with the BE USER ID and / or email that you will use to interact with the platform.

We point out, finally, you can also join via PEC or FAX following entries contained on the web and any time you can request the cancellation of all the personal information you provided – with the exception of information that you have self-published – or their amendment, sending an email to the following address

We remind you that, instead, your USER ID will be ‘published on the platform and will mark’ your every vote or proposal. Owner of data treatment will be ‘

19. April 2016 by openvote
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