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The voting system is for free for all, so we don’t need money or donations of any kind, we only ask non-party participation, openly making known peoples’s opinions

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do yo want united kingdom out of European Union?
2016-04-19 20:41:16 +00:00

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We don’t boast and don’t wish stamps or certifications partisan / political.
This software is free replicable on any site or blog based on wordpress.

In order to guarantee the rights of participation and proposed to all participants (18 years old) voting overt respect the following rules:

1) ANYONE can propose questions put to citizens,
the administrator does not have veto power over voting
2) NO QUORUM: who does not vote does not count
2a) proposals for the vote must contemplate a proposal to ratify or the choice between alternatives to each other
2b) for each vote and always no option blatant “NONE OF PROPOSED SOLUTIONS”
3a) is meant to purge “Expulsion by a charge, an institution etc. of people deemed incapable, unworthy or untrusted “source
3b) for every vote not ‘allowed to propose the exclusion of people, even the interruption of participation or collaboration with anyone
4a) recorded on free
4b) of the person identified by the CERTIFICATION the banquet or by PEC
5) A MANIFEST VOTE ALL registered at any time via web
5a) the expression of vote
5b) the e-mail address of the voter
5c) IP address of the device
5d) date time of the vote
6a) lasts 48 hours of consecutive days in which 20-28 HOURS Saturdays or Sundays or holidays’ national, the remaining hours in the working day
6b) is not ‘can vote simultaneously the same option piu’volte
6c) you can ‘vote even more’ than once, with the same e-mail, will be ‘counted only the last (chronologically) vote conducted
6d) every choice has a weighted weight indicated on the form
6e) any expression of vote will be ‘notified in real time via e-mail indicating the voter choice and mode’ of withdrawal
6f) if at the close of voting the first two choices will have a score in a tie the choice will be ‘postponed to meetup next weekly show of hands of the present without derogation ONLY
6g), a single vote can ‘be revived at a distance of 48 days
7) the group MEETUP in assembly
7a) can ‘allow up to 5 simultaneous voting on various topics
7b) can not ‘allow voting to marginalize, expel, remove any activist
7c) can ‘make up to vote online if you create a tie between the solutions
7d) can ‘start the vote only if there are 2 or more’ alternative proposals in writing (by mail-social-blog-paper)
7e) can ‘restrict the electorate only for the residence principle for local issues or limited to the territorial group
OUR ONLY AND CERTIFICATION ‘PARTICIPATION PALESE CHOICES LOCAL, BUT IF you do not have the strength to make manifest your ideas and themes the VOTE PALESE then abandons forever this web space, here we vote only if willing to declare their own choices clearly:


06. November 2012 by openvote
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